Geothermal Energy

Capital Power (K) limited is a Kenyan registered company formed in the year 2013 to undertake various renewable energy projects in Kenya.

Capital Power (K) Ltd obtained a geothermal exploration licence #5/2017 of 10/08/2017 covering 153 km2 for the Homa Hills area in Homabay county.

Capital Power has held various stakeholder forums, preliminary studies and obtained relevant approvals at various levels for the project to progress.

Resource Area

The resource area referred to as “The Homa Hills Geothermal Area” covers an estimated area of 153 km2. The coordinates for the described target area are 34°26’0” to 34°34’0” E and 0°19’0” to 0°28’0” S.

Homa Hills geothermal prospect is the only known geothermal system in western Kenya. It is associated with the Homa hills Tertiary volcanic centre within the floor of the Nyanza rift near Homa Bay Town. Geothermal manifestations in the area include hot springs, hot grounds and fumaroles.

Preliminary studies undertaken in the area reveal that the geothermal reservoir is at temperatures of over 165oC and covers an area of over 12 km2 which translates to electricity potential of over 160MWe. The resource therefore can be classified at medium temperature and can be used for electricity generation using binary or conventional cycles. In addition, the hot water from the system can be utilized for direct applications in agriculture, fish processing/drying, agriculture and tourism (health spa).

Development of the geothermal resource at Homa Hills therefore would offer major benefits to the country and local community in terms of stabilizing power supply in the lake region, opening up the area to industrial development, providing direct and indirect employment opportunities to the local community and most importantly direct utilization of the geothermal resource would spur the highly needed economic development in the region through small industries that use geothermal heat.